About The Bakers!


Baking has always been an important part of life for Myra and Ariana. As young as 15 Ariana was always fascinated with baking shows, so much that one day she turned to her mom, Myra and said, "I can do that." Next thing they knew they were at their local craft store buying what they needed. This new found hobby with each other created unforgettable memories and solidified their mother daughter relationship. They knew that the smiles, laughs and happiness they experienced needed to be shared with others. That is the moment a dream turned into reality. 

 The vision was to create an atmosphere to transport you to the gorgeous patisseries in Europe. That is how the macaron cart came to be! However, they didn't want just any macaron cart they needed something special. After a late night scroll on YouTube Ariana came across this older gentleman in the United Kingdom setting up this gorgeous cart and she instantly knew that is what they needed. She found the gentleman's contact information and sent him an email explaining their new business venture. He was so impressed with their business plan he sold them the rights to the cart! With cart in hand they were off and in less than a year sold thousands of macarons, were featured in Berks County's premier magazine Berks County Living and selected to kick off the Franklin Institute's Science Festival. This little mobile cart that is recognized all over Berks County is what sets Le Petit Macaron Shoppe apart from the rest.